What Was The Impact Of Martha's Journey On The Oregon Trail

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In the 1800’s many people were traveling on the trail to Oregon, this journey was not all that it seemed to be for many. People faced many hardships that would effect their lives and their journey. To start, since the trail was so long and people would go with lots of people food ran out quickly for most, this caused people to become sick or even starve to death. If this where to happen people would not have any supplies to properly dispose of the body they would just have to bury them in the ground, which may be hard for some. There was also the possibility you would encounter a unfriendly indian that would either kidnap, kill, or molest you. Despite all of these horrible hardships a girl named Martha and her family was able to peacefully travel and settle through her journey without anything majorly bad occurring to herself and family.…show more content…
Her life is not easy considering she lived in a wagon, sometimes starved, and had to constantly be traveling. Myself on the other hand rarely travels anywhere for a long amount of time and never goes hungry in my home. The passage also shows that Martha did not attend school and had to work with her father on the fields around her house. To differ, I go to school just about everyday since I was 5 and have never had a job or been put in labor like Martha had been. In the end, Martha and I may differ in many ways but we do have one thing in common, we both appreciate what we
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