What Was The Impact Of Transportation In America

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Horses and wagons were used prior to the revolution of transportation in America. In the late 18th century, while Americans were slowly moving west, transportation was important and at the time very risky. Westward expansion was not only difficult because of the use of horses and wagons and the demands that were needed to maintain them, but because of the duration of time that it took to travel across the land. The Transportation Revolution of the 19th century didn’t have an impact on society because Americans already had other forms of transportation. However it put an end dramatically to the isolation of western lands and encouraged the growth of commercial economy. Therefore, the Transportation Revolution had an immense impact on society. Before the Transportation Revolution sprang in the United States, Americans traveled by foot, horse, or by a wagon or carriage, pulled by horses. Goods were typically transported utterly by rivers or canals. Transportation throughout America could be a bit challenging, but yet it could be done. America could have still found a way to prosper without all the transportation innovations that the 19th…show more content…
Americans have taken the concept of transportation in the 1800’s and expanded on it. 1885 and 1886 marked the years that the car was invented; it allowed individuals to travel short distances in a quick amount of time, rather than take a train with crowds of people. Today, roughly 90 percent of American households own a car and use them on a daily basis. In 1903, the Wright brothers had invented the first successful airplane, which became the first form of transportation through the air. Airplanes have been innovated and are now used for mass transportation of people to travel long distances; moreover, unlike in the 1800’s how transportation took days, today's airplane takes a duration of
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