What Was The Impact Of Ww1 On Australian Women

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World War I, or otherwise known as ‘The Great War’, began with Austria-Hungry declaring war on Serbia. This historical event that lasted between 1914 and 1918 was a turning point for many great powers of Western Society, and many less influential groups, one of which being women. The impact of World War I on Australian women was detrimental to changing the perspective of female roles in society. The war challenged women to take part in capacities that were previously dominated by men. The heretofore-frail homemakers of the 1900’s were able to step up into society by fulfilling paid jobs, forming strong political views and volunteering to help to war efforts. The war had a great impact on women, as the opportunity to fill jobs originally…show more content…
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During World War I, many women started to protest in groups and form political organisations against the concepts behind war, as women believed war to be “[...] Another version of the strong oppressing the weak, and thus an empathic for of patriarchy” (Gilchrist, 2014). An example of these anti-war organisations was the ‘Women Peace Society’, founded by women for women, which lasted from 1915 to 1919. They openly campaigned on the streets and in newspapers against the conscription movement in Australia (Gilchrist, 2014). This shows that the women on the home front were determined to express their opinion and make sure it was taken seriously in consideration. This also reveals that women who were working during the World War I period were becoming more independent and politically aware of the events happening in society. Furthermore, women started striking and protesting in groups for higher wages and better working conditions (Striking Women, 2013). This demonstrates that the women were becoming more confident in solving economic issues with politics, a dramatic contrast to the lack of parliamentary involvement prior to World War I. Therefore, women became more empowered due to the events of World War I, impacting women to become more politically educated and engaged with the functioning of society, henceforth stepping out

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