What Was The Role Of Agriculture In The 19th Century Essay

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During the early 19th century, new advances in industry, marketing, and manufacturing, such as interchangeable parts, put industry out of the house, and workshops. Shops and factories began to expand throughout the U.S. Although, the industrial revolution began in England, the 18th century inventors came up with ways to generate power with steam engines, and mass amounts of coal. Before the revolution hit America, the primary source of income was trade with European countries, not industry, or manufacturing. When farms, and plantations produced mass goods like tobacco, wheat, and other grains. The New English colony, during the beginning of the…show more content…
Also, in many other states, agriculture was a smaller, lesser prominent need. In the North, families only grew what was the family needed to live off of, since jobs were much easier to get in bigger cities, and towns. The North wasn’t alone in the agriculture. The south, and midwest were major farming regions in the U.S. Cotton, which at the time was one of the largest cash crops other than tobacco, was the king crop of the South. Eli Whitney was the inventor of the first cotton gin. On top of the major reliance of agriculture in the South, many Land Owners relied on slaves to take care of mass amounts of cash crops. With the increase in the need for cotton, tobacco, and other goods, slavery also became an important part of life in the South for farmers, and Land Owners. After the Erie Canal was built, tariffs on importing, and exporting goods from European countries. While many people welcomed the tariff on importing, many others, like those who lived in the South, and midwest, who didn’t depend on manufacturing, were not as

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