What Was The Role Of Boudicca In The Iceni Tribe

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Boudicca was the Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe in modern day East Anglia and an important figure in Britain’s conflict against the Romans in 60 AD. Most of the records about her life come from The Tanals, written only fifty years after the events had taken place, by the historian and senator of the Roman empire Cornelius Tacitus. Lucius Dio Cassius, a Roman consul and historian, also provided information about her as an eyewitness to her triumphs. These two writers presented her as a tall woman with fiery red hair and a fierce, almost terrifying, appearance. They were deeply influenced by her bravery in going against the humiliation brought upon her people, who considered her their natural leader. In the Iceni tribe’s society, “women held positions of prestige and power .…show more content…
. [and] took prominent roles in political, religious, and artistic life” (UNC “Boudicca”); this hierarchy deeply influenced Boudicca’s success as a leader in combat. One of her main motivations was the injustice that Rome had inflicted upon her family after her husband, the Iceni king, had died. Although he and Emperor Nero had agreed beforehand to divide Celtic land between his daughters and the empire, Rome claimed the entire estate for

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