What Was The Role Of Roman Government In Italy Essay

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In 1861, Italy was founded, although Rome was founded in 753 BC. Rome is in the region of Lazio, in Italy. Italy is surrounded by Spain, Switzerland, France, and Greece. Rome became a major power in the Mediterranean because of its geography, government, and military. Italy has many different mountain ranges and rivers that helped it become a major power on the Mediterranean. Mountains play a huge role throughout Italy and Rome. There are two major mountain ranges near Italy. The Apennines and the Alps which helped protect Rome from attackers. The Tiber and Po River provided transportation, food, and water for the Early Romans. Italy is a peninsula and that served the Early Romans well. The surrounding Seas made it hard for invaders. In addition to geography, government allowed Rome to prosper as a civilization.…show more content…
Roman government was made up of three parts, a tripartite. There was a dictator who would be elected for six months, to lead in a time of crisis. The dictator would lead troops into war. There were elected officials, called magistrates. The two most powerful magistrates were the consuls. Rome’s government was stable, no one part of the tri-part government became too powerful. The Roman Senate was a council of wealthy and powerful Romans who advised the city’s leaders. There were also checks and balances. Rome’s military also helped it prosper. The Roman military is remembered for having discipline, organisation, and innovation. There were legions, groups of 6,000 soldiers that would attack. Rome’s military was very disciplined, they had to train and obey orders. If they did not obey orders then the consequence was death. The Roman military was organized. The Roman government was innovative, they were open to adapt to changes, new technics, weapons, and armor. The Roman military is remembered as disciplined, organized, and
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