What Was The Significance Of The 14th Amendment Essay

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The 14th amendment was passed on June 13, 1866 by the 39th congress, and was ratified on July 9, 1868. This amendments great importance is that it brought equal protection to those born in America. The 14th applies to each state, no state could provide less but could provide more protection. This enfranchised African Americans who were enslaved after the Civil War. The true significance of the first clause of the 14th amendment is that any person born on American soil is now protected by the government. They now have the same exact rights as a U.S. citizen and now no state can deny them of life, liberty or property. This is life changing for the freed slaves, they now are protected and will receive full benefits of American citizenship. Also, the fifth clause of the 14th amendment is very significant because it establishes that the congress will enforce all sections in the 14th amendment and stand by everything stated. Furthermore, the states cannot overpass law because we are now protected by government. An important court case that has reflected on the 14th amendment was Brown v. Board of Education case. This case took place in Topeka, Kanas on May 17, 1954. Brown v Board of Education focused that the segregation in public schools which was…show more content…
It gives us the right to equal protection, with having being born in the U.S. This was an important moment for the freed slaves in 1866, now it is important for the immigrants that move here so their children can have better lives and opportunities. Many people in the U.S. felt the 14th amendment was needed very badly, even though the 13th amendment freed slaves there was still segregation and African Americans being treated unfairly. So there was now a need to enforce a rule of equal protection for everyone. To summarize, the 14th amendment is very significant to America and grants equal protection and no one can deny us life, liberty or
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