Women's Suffrage Movement A Success Or Failure Essay

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Who were the founders and what methods did they use? What were their successes and/or failures? Women’s Suffrage Movement gave women the right to vote in elections during the late 19th century. Women organizations nationally and even globally formed efforts to gain voting and equal civil rights for women. Women's Suffrage Movement has taught many students about the importance of gender equality and how women deserve the same rights and benefits that a man is given. Women in the 1900’s worked with abolitionist to get their rights they deserved. Susan B. Anthony, a major women’s rights activist, contributed a role in this movement as well as Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Susan and Elizabeth both teamed up and created the National American Woman Suffrage Association.…show more content…
This document written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, demanded social status equality as well as legal rights, and the right to vote. The successes of the Women’s Suffrage Movement was that the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. During this movement job opportunities were open to more women which also caused this movement to make working conditions better to work in and gave women a better paying wage. Women were also able to take birth control which worked on issues such as childbirth during the period. Although some failures during the movement were that men still did not see women as equal to them, and that they were incapable of owning property, this movement changed has changed the lives of women for the
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