What Were The Causes Of Nationalism In World War 1

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The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife by a nationalist triggered World War I. The incidents that led to the Great war had already occured back in the nineteenth century. Nationalism, imperialism and militarism were key factors that lead to the war. Being that nationalism is demonstrating pride in one 's country which many of the countries in Europe experience. Imperialism which is defined as political, military and economic domination of strong nations over weaker territories and militarism therefore played a role because of the glorification within the military and war itself.

The efforts of nationalism, imperialism and militarism was the instant result of World War I. The feelings of nationalism were high and were especially strong against Austria- Hungary which had seeked to seize constriction of land in the unstable Balkans in southeastern Europe. Also, imperialism created tension within Europe.” Militarism indicated increase in military expenses and naval forces, more of the military men upon the policies of civilian government, and a preference for force as a solution to issues” ( Pan Slavism aspired to unite all Slavic people. The major focus was in the Balkans where the South Slavs had been ruled and oppressed for centuries by the three great empires, Austria - Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Venice ( The Pan-slavism was used as a political tool by the successor the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire. Soon
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