What Were The Causes Of The Scientific Revolution By Nicolaus Copernicus

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The Scientific Revolution started off with people questioning their own beliefs. People mainly questioned the physical world at the time. Before the Scientific Revolution people only referred to the bible and churches when they had any questions. After/during the Scientific Revolution scholars began to use observations, experimentations, and the Scientific method to gather knowledge about the physical world. The Scientific method helped scholars a lot because any scientific question they had could be scientifically answered. Ptolemy, Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus all had different theories about where everything in the universe was placed. Ptolemy believed that the universe was geocentric and that the sun revolved around it and that the universe was circular shaped.…show more content…
Kepler’s theory was that he thought that the universe was heliocentric but he believed that the planets traveled in ellipses. It turns out that Nicolaus Copernicus’s theory was true. When the church heard about this they were not happy. It challenged the medieval way of thinking because It was the first time the church has ever been questioned. The effects of the scientific revolution were The Renaissance, the Age Of Exploration, The Printing Press, and The Reformation. Many inventions were also invented after the Scientific revolution. For example the telescope was made during the Scientific Revolution by Galileo Galilei. Without the Scientific Revolution many of the inventions and ways of thinking wouldn’t have been around
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