What Were The Causes Of The Whiskey Rebellion

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The Whiskey Rebellion: When the Confederation Congress had failed greatly with their desire to successfully tie the outlying western areas of the country in the firm structure of the new government. Despite the Northwest Ordinance, which had created single Northwest territory containing land north of Ohio. Under the Northwest Ordinance it had specified a population of 60,000 people to be a minimum amount to gain their statehood. In which the Ordinance had also stated they would gain their freedom of religion and right to a trail by jury to the residents of the territory, and also prohibited slavery throughout the territory. The farmers in the western parts of Massachusetts had begun to rise up in revolt; While settlers in Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee had begun toying with the new idea of seperating from the Union. These problems had been inherited by the new government created under the constitution.…show more content…
Displaying similar tactics used by colonists during the Stamp Act. The actions in which they had dealt with the Whiskey Rebellion had been opposite of those used on Shay's Rebellion. Washington had called out the militias of three states raising an army with numbers consisting of nearly 15,000 ( more than he had used against the British during the Revolution). Washington had continued to personally led the troops into the center of the resistance, Pittsburgh. When the troops reached Pittsburgh the rebellion had
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