What Were The Causes Of World War II

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HASS Essay Question - What were the causes of World War II? World War II was the outcome of many significant events that occurred around the world. Many of these events were cause by the unresolved conflict left behind in World War I. The main causes of World War II included, the Treaty of Versailles, Great Depression, Italian Fascism, Japanese Militarism and especially the political takeover of Germany by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I between Germany and the Allied Powers, however was also one of the main causes of World War II. Germany had lost the war against the Allied Powers in World War II, as a result Germany was forced to accept responsibility of the war damages suffered by the Allied Powers. Germany was left severely effected economically and socially in that the Treaty of Versailles required a large proportion of Germany 's money. Without enough money many Germans lost their homes, they then wandered the streets looking for food, shelter and clothing. In addition to this the Germans had to endure many territorial losses to the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler a German solider from World War I saw this as a great humiliation, and he made it his mission to restore Germany back to power. The political takeover of in 1933 Germany…show more content…
In 1919, Mussolini started his own political party called the Fascist Party, he hoped to expand the empire of Italy and eventually have the nation rule most of Europe. The members of the party wore black clothes and were commonly known as the "Black Shirts". They were often violent and didn 't hesitate to attack those who had different views or were of any opposing party 's. The Fascist Party became popular with the people of Italy putting Mussolini in a position of power. In 1922 Mussolini and his "Black Shirts" took control over the Government and in 1925 he was established as director. Mussolini began to build up Italys military strength to invade and conquer the many city 's of
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