What Were The Challenges Of John Adams's Presidency?

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John Adams was a great president in the years 1797-1800, with many accomplishments. Some of the many challenges he went through during his presidency included the Jay Treaty, originally signed during Washington's term, the XYZ Affair, in 1797 to 1798, and the Quasi War with France. One of the challenges John Adams had to work through, throughout his presidency was the Jay Treaty, written in 1794, several years prior to Adam’s presidency. The Jay Treaty was signed during George Washington’s term with the British. One of the clauses that were included with the Treaty included the fact that any nations at war with Britain will have their trade be limited in US ports. Due to the fact that Britain and France were at war during the time that this treaty was signed, France was blocked off from trading with the United…show more content…
He went through several challenges during his term, including the Jay Treaty, XYZ Affair, and the Quasi War. These three challenges exposed several roles he had to use during his presidency, mostly foreign policy maker and commander in chief. He used foreign policy maker by creating and dealing with several treaties with the French, as well as doing negotiations. And he used commander in chief by building up our Navy, and eventually going into a naval war with the French. John Adam’s presidency greatly impacted several moments after, including the Louisiana Purchase. Without his wise decisions when war was involved, this may have never happened, thus putting a large block on Manifest Destiny, something very important to the American people. James Taylor on Miller Center even said, “Seen in this light, Adams's legacy is one of reason, moral leadership, the rule of law, compassion, and a cautious but active foreign policy that aimed both at securing the national interest and achieving an honorable peace.” So in conclusion, John Adams was an amazing president who had absolutely fulfilled his job
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