What Were The Effects Of American Imperialism In The Late 1800s

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Colonization was rebirth if you will in the later 19th century through the wake of industrialization which gave Europeans a new desire to conquer and established the need to go and claim natural resources to be used in the factories. Many of the larger nations joined in this rebirth with the most notable actions being the Scramble For Africa which showcased the most rapid expansion of European influence ever seen before. "The effects were profound. In 1875, 11 percent of the continent was in European hands. By 1902, the figure was 90 percent."(Cole, 534) Europeans also had significant influence in Asia in which they conquered large pieces of land in India and Indochina in order to establish a strong trade connection. European powers in these regions constantly tough each other for supremacy while completely disregarding the people who live there which lead to many different catastrophes.…show more content…
The United States, another western country, decided to flex its influence and conquer a large portion of land from Mexico in 1848 and gain many different islands from the Spanish in the Spanish-American War in 1898. Another country who took advantage of imperialism was Japan, whom was a very recently modernized state after the outcome of the Battle of Shiroyama in 1877. Their first act was in the Sino-Japanese war in 1894 in which they conquered the peninsula of Korea from the weakening Chinese Republic. Secondly they beat the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 which game them a tremendous amount of confidence.
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