What Were The Effects Of Boarding Schools In The 1860's

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The Native culture was lost a while ago some people might think it was a long time ago but it wasn't if you really think about it. Because the boarding schools started around the 1860's, but it didn’t start effecting the Native people until the first generation of children were all grown up. And it wasn't until the late 1970's that the Native parents had a choice of whether or not they'd let their kids go to a school off the reservation. But by that time there was a lot of children that had already been abused and died that when they were old enough to stop going to the boarding schools they didn't want to go home they wanted to forget what happened to them. A lot of the children that grew up and had a family ended up abusing the ones they loved because that's all they knew, they didn't get the love they needed growing because the were abused as children and they thought that's what was normal.…show more content…
They called us savages because we killed their women and children, trying to take back what was rightfully ours. Later on they thought maybe if we didn’t kill the body it's self just the Indian inside they wouldn't be that bad. So in the 1860's the first boarding school was built. The intention of the boarding school was to "Kill the Indian, and save the Man", so they went from tribe to tribe gathering up all of the children stealing them from their families, their homes, everything they knew. And brought them to a place where their hair was cut. And everything they knew was taken from

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