What Were The Long-Term Effects On Nationalism?

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What were the long - term effects on Nationalism? Frederique van den Heuvel IT9a Thursday 4th December Introduction: In this essay I will explain what Nationalism is, when it started and what impacts it had on Europe to the 19th century. I’ll answer the research question of this essay: What were the long - term effects on Nationalism? Nationalism is system of ideals and ideas, created by people, who have a common identity, history, language and goals. The idea of Nationalism is that people support their country, defend it, fulfill its destiny by extending boundaries and rule it independently by their own people. How did Nationalism start during the French Revolution?: When the monarchy in France was overthrown, the French Revolution had started. Citizens defined their…show more content…
Citizens became nations together and got a feeling that they were strong together. The developed their own constitution, language, culture and worked together to serve the nation. People were proud and confident. Though this led to arrogance and people feeling over confident. People think they should have more power and start wars with other countries. For example the First World War. This war happened because people wanted more power and therefore it was partly caused by Nationalism. Conclusion: To conclude my findings, I think we can say the long-term effects of Nationalism are both negative and positive. As I explained, people want more power and started wars with other countries. Napoleon, who helped the development of Nationalism, gave people a voice to keep the idea of a nation, so they supported the country and to conquer other countries in Europe. Napoleon was a successful leader and conquered many countries, but his ideas of nationalism also worked against him, because other countries also developed Nationalism, which caused wars and battles. Bibliography:
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