What Were The Philosophers Trying To Change During The Enlightenment

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The age of Enlightenment was the period of social awakening. The Enlightenment took place in Europe during the late 17th and 18th century. During that time philosophers were figuring out ways to improve society. What were the philosophers trying to change ? During the Enlightenment the philosophers were also trying to make improvements in society. Their main idea was to improve the society to get people their individuality and give them the rights they deserve. They wanted people to have an individual choice when it came to government, religion, and economy. Some of them also wanted the equality for women. John Locke believed that Society had the right to government. When he says “...a state of perfect freedom … within the bounds of the law of nature…” he means that people…show more content…
Mary proposes that women should be let free to do anything they need to do to reach their specific goals. “... the only method of leading women to fulfil their peculiar duties is to free them from all restraint …”. Wollstonecraft also believes that men and women should be able to do the same things and pursue the same goals if they desire. “...both sexes must ast from the same principle…”. She had reached all these conclusions by her experience and reason. Voltaire was another philosopher, he that believed that people have the right to choose their own religion in society. He also believed that if there would be a multitude of different religions in one area then there wouldn't be so many fights started by two different religions. “...if there but two, the people would cut one another’s throats; as there are such a multitude, they all live happy and in peace.”. The thought that the Royal Exchange in London was a great example because everyone would gather from different parts of the world and with different religions and learn about each other's differences and also exchange
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