What Were The Rights Of Women In The 1920's

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Women’s Suffrage Women. strong , independent, empowered, intelligent. These are just a few of the qualities women have today and had back in the 1920’s. Men refused to acknowledge these attributes and stopped women from achieving anything besides cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, and sewing. Women had to stick up for themselves when no one else would listen. The women suffragists created organizations and led marches to gain support for women 's rights. But the fight was not over and their lives were not perfect after the movement. Women tried to stick up for themselves earlier, but nobody listened. Women could not vote, could not get the jobs or the education they wanted, and they could not earn respect from men. As Martha E. Kendall wrote,“not all women married for love” (24). When women got married, their husbands were basically in control of them,…show more content…
Women 's lives after the movement were not perfect, even after the 19th Amendment had passed. They obtained many of the jobs they desired before the movement. The jobs included pilots, doctors, teachers, scientists etc. High schools, colleges, and elementary schools opened to women, sports teams were also very popular for women. As Jane Bingham wrote, “Many African American women still faced obstacles when they went to vote, the battle for universal suffrage had not won yet” (41). After sticking up for themselves with no one listening, the women suffragists created organizations and marches to gain support for women 's rights and their lives after the movement were not perfect. In conclusion the women’s suffrage movement is why women can do achieve anything and everything today. The movement shows that if you want something, fight for it no matter how long it takes or how hard the obstacles may be, because who knows, you may achieve something that helps not just you, but generations to
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