What Were Thomas Edison's Accomplishments

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Honor is respect that is given to someone who is admired. To me honor is something that is gained by your significance, it has to do with having others respect and admiration. My scientist is Thomas Edison and he had 1,093 patents and was very alive in the science world. He invented many things and a good majority of them are new and improved and is something that is used on a daily basis.
Thomas Edison has many accomplishments such as, electric light bulb, storage battery, electric generator, kinetoscope, the steam locomotive engine, microphone, and the phonograph which he referred to as “ his baby.” Thomas Edison was honored for his inventions that broke the ground for not only his generation but all the future generations. I can't think of many other inventions that is used all over the world each day by millions of people like his invention of the light bulb. The microphone is also another invention of his used worldwide, it is used by, actors, preachers, singers, public speakers, big organizations, etc. Edison was self-taught and responsible, later in life he was honored for those reasons. In his early years Edison only completed three months of schooling due to his teacher thinking he couldn't learn because of his mental problem. However,
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Although he had very little schooling he still made many accomplishments at young ages like 10, 16, and so on. His inventions impacted the whole scientific community to this day. Yes Thomas Edison's work was honorable through all of his accomplishments and patents in the US and even in other countries. He deserves to be honored for being the most famous inventor. As well as for creating things like having lightbulbs in the house to light up the rooms instead of candles. He also created things like batteries to make things like our remotes work for the tv we watch, thanks to Mr.Edison for inventing electricity. Thomas Edison was a very honorable
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