What Were Thomas Jefferson's Major Accomplishments

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Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. Jefferson was one of the most important president during that time period. Jefferson’s home state was Virginia and was a Democratic Republican. He had many accomplishments and was also the author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson went through some hard and cruel times during his presidency. He was one of the better presidents in my opinion through his accomplishments. Some of the domestic things that Jefferson changes where through the states. Thomas Jefferson proudly succeeded in limiting the size of government by reducing taxes and the national debt in 1801. He also established a military academy to produce more soldiers to help out the military. Jefferson also repealed or took away the Alien and Sedition in 1801. This was important factor into being a good president, and a way to see how to federalists felt. He also dealt with Marshall Court in 1801 where he selected him as the Supreme Court Chief Justice by John Adams. One of the most important things that Jefferson did …show more content…

The Louisiana Purchase was the main the reason why he was a good president and how it help organize a better structure for the United States. Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to buy New Orleans for $15million but only paid 5 at the time. At this time, France agreed to sell not only New Orleans but the whole Louisiana Territory for $15 Million. Jefferson was making deals that helped the U.S. in many ways to make it a better continent. The purchase of the territory had tremendously doubled the size of the U.S. Lewis and Clark began their expedition in St. Louis and continued to the pacific using the Missouri River as a main transporting system. Jefferson’s presidency allowed many people to move and travel the different parts of the

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