What Will We Depend Without Technology Essay

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What would happen if your computer stopped working? What about if you misplaced your cell phone? These scenarios make many people anxious and cause them to break out in hives. Why? This is because society is greatly dependent on technology. Loss of a mobile phone or the crashing of a computer can be extremely stressful and inconvenient in today’s society. What would we do without our cell phones and computers even for a day?We depend too much on technology. There is no doubt about it. Many places of work are at a loss if their internet connection stops working. Many businesses and institutions are left high and dry if the internet or computer crashes. Every bit of information regarding business is entered into the computer. How are we supposed to conduct business without the facility of emails? How is anyone able to find information about a topic without the internet? This is how bad…show more content…
What if it all one day disappeared? What would you be left with? Would you even be able to communicate with your friends or enjoy life at least? I think we should all focus more on reality than just the screen in front of our face!Furthermore,I know for a fact that when I need to know something my brain instantly jumps to Google. I never have to figure out anything myself if I choose not to. Communication keeps me in contact with everyone. Without it I think society would have some serious issues to deal with. I also believe though that with proper mental training one can rely on technology and still retain good mental health. It 's all about how aware you are of your actions. Yes, we have become overly dependent on technology. While it obviously has it 's uses and we certainly live better for it. The accessibility to information that technology brings and dependency one it means that people, especially the younger generations tend to be at a loss without
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