What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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A Critical Analysis of “What you pawn I will redeem” In “What you pawn I will redeem”, Sherman Alexie tells us a story about Jackson trying to get his grandmother regalia back. Jackson tells us about being married a few times, being homeless, working blue collar jobs, fathering a few children and going crazy. This critical analysis paper will focus on Jackson’s story and will show the quality and effectiveness of Sherman Alexie’s writing. I really enjoyed the story “What you pawn I will redeem” by Sherman Alexie. What made it so enjoyable for me, was not only Jackson who is the main character but also the friends and cousins which were mentioned throughout this story. This story had great characters and a very great story line. Thanks to the main character I got to experience firsthand what it like is to be, not only homeless, but also an alcoholic. During…show more content…
At this point in the story I couldn’t help but feel extremely happy, and relieved for Jackson because all he wanted to do was get his grandmother’s regalia back, it was the last thing that he had of her. Sherman Alexie did a great job of building up the characters for this story, it showed me how important culture is and to do what you believe in. Even though Jackson was homeless and did not have any money or family he was determined to get that money. The friends that Jackson meets throughout this story were, to me, excellent. The writer of this story did not go into great length to explain these characters, but he didn’t need to, because the few words that he used to explain them was enough. There was Rose Sharron who “was over 7 feet tall if you measured effect, and about five feet if you measured physical”. There was also Junior, who was described as a good-looking Indian. Then there was Irene Muse who was wonderfully fat, and whose body felt like a large, warm, and soft
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