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If you walk up to a Texan and ask them what their favorite thing about Texas is they will answer one of four things, family, friends, football, or Whataburger. Though it may just seem like a fast food restaurant to some, it holds a special place in many people 's hearts. Whataburger is a place where good food, friendly service and memories you wouldn 't trade for the world come together in a place of harmony. It is often difficult for a restaurant to excel in every aspect. Many times a restaurant will have great food with poor service or vise versa, but this is not the case at Whataburger.
The best thing about Whataburger is the food, it is flavorful, original and best of all, inexpensive. My favorite thing to get from there is the A.1. Thick and Hearty burger. The combination of the perfectly melted cheese in between the two charred patties and the way the A.1. sauce seeps into the beef and mixes with the caramelized onions is delicious. But this is not the only thing they serve that is great, I have never had anything off their menu that I did not enjoy. All of the meals served at Whataburger come with amazing fries.
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My favorite time to go is after a varsity football game. Everyone in the building is so excited and energetic about the game which just occurred. My favorite memories at Whataburger consist of my closest friends and I sitting in one of the big booths, well past midnight, relaxing, talking and enjoying ourselves. It is a place where teenagers can gossip and elders can congregate. Everyone in our small town seems to enjoy the environment of Whataburger, but in reality we make it what it is. Sure the employees are super kind, but everyone in the town helps create the atmosphere that welcomes every demographic of people. Whataburger gives the people of our small town a place to go and make memories that will never be
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