What's A Christian Worldview Analysis

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Gray is a lifestyle. Emo is a way of life. Postmodernism is a religion. Few people think of such terms as representing a way of life, much less a worldview or religion. However, many people who consider themselves irreligious may be surprised to find, upon more consideration, that they subconsciously adhere to a set of principles and assumptions. “A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world” (Del Tackett, “What’s a Christian Worldview”). The principles and priorities that determine one’s lifestyle better articulate one’s worldview than the religion one chooses to affirm or deny. As Professor Erin Brown Conroy notes, “Our worldview… [is] our filter. Everything that comes into our mind and heart…show more content…
Ambassadors understand their home country’s interests and represent those interests abroad; they are master communicators with an important message. In addition, effective ambassadors become experts on the countries they visit. Ambassadors deliberately articulate their message in a way that promotes fundamental reform in the foreign country. Successful ambassadors advance the cause of their kingdom and proclaim its message abroad. They are “the light of the world” that “cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14-16). My desire to be an ambassador for Christ composes the core of my worldview. It infuses my life with purpose, motivates me to study other religions, challenges me to pursue righteousness and maturity, and forces me to rely on God for strength and salvation. My role as an ambassador for Christ constitutes my identity. It answers the questions “why am I here?” and “how do I know I am…show more content…
As a Christian student, my academic studies give me opportunities to explore other perspectives, refine my biblical worldview, and identify similarities and discrepancies between the two. Placing my worldview at the forefront of my life helps me write with a purpose (to be an effective ambassador) and to an audience (people who might not share my worldview). I strive to write clearly and respectfully, approaching controversial topics with an informed perspective and a reasonable, concise opinion. And while I am open to considering new ideas or changing my mind on some issues, my goal and first duty will always be to represent Christ as His
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