What's Cooking By Gurinder Chadha Character Analysis

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Savannah Nolting
Mrs. Love Hilliard
Multicultural Literature and Film
30 September 2016
The difficult times a family might face Have you ever thought about how some people might see you different because of your race, or traditions?. In the film titled What’s Cooking by Gurinder Chadha, it focuses on four families which include the Seeing, Avila, Nguyen, and that Williams family that teaches us about forgiveness, tolerance, and moving on. The Avila family includes Javier (father) , Elizabeth (mother) , Gina (daughter) , and also Anthoney (son). The Seeing family includes Ruth (mother) , Herb (father) , Rachel (daughter) , Carla (girlfriend) , and Aunt Bea (aunt). The Nguyen family has eight member which are Gary (teen son), Jenny (teen daughter) , Jimmy (oldest son) , Joey ( little boy), and of course the mother and father and the grandpa and grandma. The last family introduced in the film is the Williams family which includes Audrey (mother), Ronnie (father), Michael (son) , Grace (grandma), and Monica (guest). As the four families get together for a thanksgiving dinner they experience difficulties throughout their family that causes arguments and the truth to come out. In the film What’s Cooking by Gurinder Chadha, it focuses on forgiveness and it starts with the
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Even though none of the family knew anything about each other they all had difficult situations going on the day of thanksgiving. But through all the hard times that had occurred throughout their lives they all managed to come together and eat a thanksgiving dinner whether or not they all got along during it. In the end they all realized that nothing is more important than family because no matter how unwelcome you might make them feel , they're always there for you to fall back

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