What's Cooking Character Analysis

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Eusebio Silva Romero Mrs. Love Hilliard Multicultural Literature and Film 30 September 2016 The Nguyen Family Analyzes Hardest thing about growing up in this world is watching people in your family make wrong decisions and live in fear that they don’t appreciate you and what you’ve done for them. This reality is made clear during one of the scenes in What’s Cooking by Gurinder Chadha. Jenny Nguyen is the most caring and admirable child in the film " What's Cooking" because she has to deal with a family that doesn't appreciate her and a brother who make wrong decisions in life. In one of the scenes in the movie Jenny gets home from there shop and her parents found something on the floor in her room and confronted her about it. Jennys parents started going off on her and saying that she’s a disgrace to the family and making her cry and yell of frustration. What her parents didn’t know was that before all that happened jenny found a loaded gun under her brothers bed. Jenny’s parents sent her back to the shop…show more content…
Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen think that the boys are angels and don’t ever do anything wrong. They believe that jenny is the bad luck charm that brings bad things to occur in the family and jimmy brought all the good. They don’t appreciate jenny for the things she’s done in the family or the things she’s achieved in life. That’s why it’s so hard for her to open up to her family and tell them things about herself. Analyzing this film was a life lesson for me and my peers in the room. The reason i claim this to be a life lesson film is because you can see how bad and good families can treat each other and hurt each other without caring about their own bloods feelings and put them down. This film is meant to show how families can split apart by making one simple mistake in
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