What's Eating Gilbert Family Analysis

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Each person will get influenced by their family, whichever family a person is put into is what makes them who they are later on in life. However, in each family there are countless disputes and learning times within them, some may be hard and others may be easy. People need to persevere through them to become stronger in themselves and in the surrounding relationships, especially as brothers. In Sonny’s Blues by Baldwin and in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape by Lasse Hallström, there are two sets of brothers who influence from one another and their mothers in their simple daily life in many significant ways. In both stories, they have older and younger brothers that learn from one another. During each story, the older brother ends up taking care of the younger one, the troublemaker, during their life. Throughout each of the stories, both of the older brothers appreciate their mothers and take to acknowledge anything she tells them, especially about caring for their younger brothers. They eventually learn through their mother’s advice about their brothers and help them to get turn around their lives. Despite the fact that in each of these stories, they both have a…show more content…
A person just needs to grasp that they need to step up to the plate to develop into the best they can be as a role model to others around them. The older and younger brothers in each story learn they need to figure out each other on a different perspective. This helps them grow in the way they need to so they can rely on each other on a more personal level rather than a mentor level. Many of us can learn from these characters to help understand everyone can influence one another, this society just needs to be humble enough to let these important factors happen to us and
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