What's Eating Gilbert Grape Compare And Contrast

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It is very clear that there are many similarities and differences between the characters Gilbert and Edward in these two films demonstrated by using different types of camera angles. Although both films depict the characters as outsiders/heroes, there are other similarities as well as evident differences between the two. First and foremost, the medium shot where Gilbert is shown comforting Arnie after he accidentally killed a grasshopper, reveals that he is like a guardian towards Arnie, always able to help, alternatively, a high angle long shot shows Edward standing over the dead inventor after he had cut his face with his scissor hands, positioning the audience to see that even when Edward tries to help, he makes the situation worse. Furthermore, the long shots of…show more content…
Finally, one similarity in both movies is that at the start of the movies, we could see that neither Gilbert nor Edward had any direction or major aspirations in life, until both deuterogamists are introduced, Becky in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ and Kim in ‘Edward Scissorhands’. A hard-cut shows Becky asking Gilbert life questions ‘What do you want for you, just for you?’ he struggles to answer the question, but Becky gives him a sense of meaning and self-worth, similarly where a medium shot of Kim and Edward in each other’s arms show that Edward now has someone who cares about him, giving him a sense of belonging and meaning. Consequently, it is very clear that these films have both used different camera angles to position the audience to see both common and contrasting elements that depict Edward and Gilbert as
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