What´s Electroconvulsive Therapy Ethical?

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I did not watch the video, so all of my information is coming from the book. I am going to start off by saying I do think the electroconvulsive therapy is ethical. In the book, it clearly states that this treatment is very effective when used for unipolar depression. If that is true, why not use it on people that are willing? I think it is the person 's job who is doing the treatment to fully explain all of the factors and risks that may happen before doing this treatment. If they do not, the treatment should not be done. But if you think about it, that is true with any surgery. There are many risks to every treatment that can cause different symptoms, so why would this treatment be any different? Also, the patients are put to sleep during the actual procedure, so they will not feel the seizures. Patients also receive muscle relaxants to prevent any broken bones or other injuries that can be caused by the jerks from the seizures. Another thing that doctors do to reduce risk is give the patients oxygen to protect against brain damage. There are so many precautions to make this a safe treatment. This treatment is never given to anyone against their will, so as long as the person knows all of the risks, it is definitely ethical. I am very confused by this because in the book it says…show more content…
With that being said though, there is also that risk when you are taking out a cancerous tumor out of someone 's brain, so does that mean any brain surgery is unethical? The book says that it is clearly effective in treating unipolar depression, so I think that if the person has full knowledge of all the risks that may occur and still want to do it, let them. We have no idea how awful it is to live like they do. If losing a few memories is the price I have to pay to live a better life and to make better memories, I probably would do
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