The Meaning Of Names In The Great Gatsby

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What 's in a name? names are a very important part of who we are. Usually they have some sort of significant meaning behind them. For me, my mom gave me the middle name “Elizabeth” which has a historical and biblical meaning.Elizabeth means "gift from God”. My mom values her Christian beliefs and did not consider another name because she fell in love with the meaning. Lots of other names have symbolic meanings, too. For example, from the book “the Great Gatsby”, before the main character, jay, became filthy rich his name was James Gatz. He was dirt poor and living in a shack with his parents. After he ran away from home he changed his name to “Jay Gatsby”. Gatz means “god”. I believe the author chose this name in order to foreshadow Jay 's…show more content…
honestly, I can live without my phone but if I had a choice I would bring it with me. I 'm able to use Maps, communicate with others, and listen to my music. That 's why would be my headphones with me. Music is important to me because it helps me focus and has actual beneficial effects. It 's proven to improve memory, physical coordination, and your overall mood. It decreases anxiety and stress. Reading books also has some of the same effects. They engage a good book house relieve stress. A good book will make you feel like you 're in the story, that 's what why I 'll bring my book called "the program". With these items i 'll be set to…show more content…
I don 't mind being corrected and enjoyed being able to comprehend how the world works a little more each day. A big part about being a good student is having good teachers and I 'm glad I can see my teachers are great. daughter – I love my parents with all my heart and I 'm so grateful for everything you do for me. One with think them is by being a good daughter. Doing chores without being asked, follow the rules, and being respectful. Artist – being able to draw what 's on your mind is a perfect way to relieve stress especially for someone that isn 't good at verbalizing their emotions. worker – being able to pay for my own things gives me a sense of independence. I can do a lot of things by myself and I enjoy working for my money instead of having it handed to me. friend – being a friend others is in important role for me. I 'm very trustworthy and excepting which makes it easy for me to make friends. Nick

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