What's Going Wrong, With Our Boys By Judith Kleinfeld

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What do you thing about our generation? Do you think men are lazy? Do you think women have more support from their parents and schools? It is true that more women are graduating in the college. There are so many questions come up in our mind when we hear that more women are graduating in the college. In the article “What’s Going on… and What’s Going Wrong… with Our Boys?” by Judith Kleinfeld says that “one of four college educated women will not have a college educated man to marry”. She is trying to spread the message about how women are more in college and graduating than men. She is trying to encourage men to go to college. She also interviewed a lot of men and they said they didn’t want to work behind the desk. They have strong hands they can use it. They can work at construction and car repairing. Some men did say, they did not get support from their parents while their sister did get support. She…show more content…
I have seen so many men dropped out of the college. I do agree with her about women don’t want to rely on their husband. This is a very good thing because what if a girl ended up having a divorce and if she is not educated, she can’t make good money. In the interview, some men said that they did not get support from their parents. I don’t know about them. What I think is they don’t get support from their parents because they ended up having bad grades in the school so they are scared that their kids might waste their money and ended up dropping the college. About school, I totally disagree with them who said they get more opportunities. I might be wrong and they might be right, but I am talking about my experience. I have changed a lot of schools due to my parent’s job. In my every school I have never seen a woman get more opportunities than men. It is all about how well you do in the school. I have seen more men get a scholarship than women because they have done very well in the
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