What´s Standardized Testing Useful?

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Standardized Testing It has been a part of schooling since the seventh century, and it is used today to find out where students are in their learning. Standardized testing has first started in the U.S. in 1965 enacted by Lyndon Johnson. Recently, it has encountered some controversy, because it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Standardized testing has the ability to hold back students, fire teachers, shut down schools, increase pay, and change a students life forever. For some standardized testing is something that should be completely removed. For others it is a extremely useful tool, for scoping out the qualified students. Standardized testing has some flaws with the power it holds; however it is a very useful tool to find…show more content…
Because of the pressure it puts on the taker, many people believe that it should be completely abolished; this however is a total over reaction to the situation. Yes it is true that a very important test can cause stress, but we would not have to be taking it if it was not important. standardized testing it an essential tool for judging a student skill level. If it was removed it would allow people who are not cut out or not ready for collage to enter collage, this would cause a fault to form in the education system that could be detrimental to the future generations. Tests are a part of learning; they are used to find out if a student has retained the information that has been given to them. Because there is no easy way of doing this without tests, it is our only option. Collages and teachers use standardized testing for finding capable student. for this reason standardized testing can not be remove from the school system. It is an invaluable tool for getting a basis of the level of a…show more content…
The moral dilemma is that if a teacher has nothing to gain from his or her students taking the test he or she will tend to avoid it. MAP testing is required for students to take some teacher take it seriously others only do it for the pay raise. Even some teachers do not even look at the scores, because the actually talk to their students and find out where the are on their own. It really depends on the teacher. MAP testing should stay as an option, but it should not be required. Taking a test should be a choice. For standardized testing to become a more fair system its power must be checked. It does not need to be removed just edited. It is a rough draft, it is not wrong just a little unfair. It puts a lot of stress on the takers, but if it was not important it would not be used. some aspects of it are to powerful, but that can be fixed. Testing needs to stay in the schooling system because of it 's many uses. It allows capable student to go to collage at less the cost so they can benefit society as a whole. If a someone has no money to go and learn he or she will never live up to his or her full
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