What´s Title IX The Catastrophe?

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Title IX the Catastrophe It is important that youth are active, outgoing, and confident and extracurricular activities are a great way to expand their possibilities. In this case sports, it is well known that sport participation ratio between boys and girls is not exact and in the past that gap was larger, yet the conclusion we draw from this result is that title IX has been effective. This is simply not the truth in fact I believe it has been counterproductive to youth sports in particular boys’ participation. Government involvement is almost never the answer especially with something as straightforward as organized play. In the first place, to address the ratio between boys and girls sport activity, the gap is closing. In fact, in 1970 female participation was nearly 0 percent in high school sports then by 1980 it rose to 50 percent and in 2000 increased another 20 percent (par. 5). That is extraordinary change, however it is not because if the institute of title IX but instead it is the result of a major culture shift within the United States and had nothing to do with title IX. Back in the 1970s girls weren’t prevented from playing sports but it was a stigma of females in…show more content…
Whenever the government gets involved it slows and distorts the effectiveness of any program and service. This because politicians are simply out of touch and laws are far too inflexible, and this in turn hinders beneficial new developments and drastic situational fluctuations. When culture is analyzed, and science is considered, boys are biologically more predisposed to engage in sports and highly vigorous activities in comparison to girls (par. 5). Thus, the implementation of entirely equal level of sport availability for both boys and girls is significantly
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