What's Wrong With Cinderella Analysis

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In What’s Wrong With Cinderella? by Peggy Orenstein, she argues the stereotypical views on the female population and the unfavorable aspect of princess fairytales. As a feminist, Orenstein feels the need to defy against the negative outlook on girls and protect her own daughter from the hostility of these false feminine beliefs. She embraces the idea that the princess culture is showing that beauty and perfection is the importance in young girl’s lives. While Orenstein recognizes how princess culture affects the female population in a negative way, she fails to acknowledge a more positive outlook on women. Women are expressing themselves more than just beauty. She strongly advises that our generation needs to improve feminine and gender based problems being faced in today’s society. The article begins with Orenstein telling her own experiences with false feminine beliefs. Everywhere they went, Orenstein’s three year old daughter was acknowledged with the same princess labels. One encounter was at the dentist office, where the dentist said, “Would you like to sit in the special princess throne so I can sparkle your teeth” (Orenstein 670). Another occurrence was at their local drug store where the lady at the counter…show more content…
Women should feel the freedom to be who they truly want to be and not let others tell them how they should be. Everyday women are pressured and terrified to show their true selves because of these stereotypes and false feminine beliefs . Women have values that they are pressured to hide. Orenstein just wants that all to change. Nobody is perfect and the stereotypes people place on one another is the cause of most of the issues women face today. Women should feel beauty within their self whether or not they choose to go against the stereotypical views. Orenstein just hopes that our society will make better chances for the female population, so everyone can be
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