What's Wrong With Equal Rights Analysis

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Nonconformists Face Consequences
In Schlafly 's excerpt, “What 's Wrong With Equal Rights’ for Women?”, she suggests that people misunderstand the reality of what women’s liberation really means. Schlafly says that what women 's liberation supposedly promotes is, “just the superficial sweet-talk to win broad support for a radical movement. Similarly to this, in The Crucible Miller argues nonconformity in a society bound by strict rules results in fear and hysteria.
When people don 't conform, hysteria will always end up being the result. This happens when the girls are caught dancing in the forest and Betty gets sick. Reverend Parris gets suspicious and ask Abigail, “What did you do with her in the forest?” (1093) Essentially Parris is
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The importance of keeping one 's principles is more important than conforming to follow the court 's demands and live when their name is soiled. Parris starts to examine the reality of what is going on cries out to Danforth, “ You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me” (1158) Unfortunately Danforth, and all the other judges are not willing to admit that they were wrong and end up denying that hanging people for accusement of witchcraft is unwarranted. The reason he doesn 't want to hang specifically Rebecca nurse, Proctor, and Elizabeth is because they are people who are well respected among the community and once people start to consider that perhaps they are telling the truth chaos and hysteria will erupt. When Parris tries to explain why he 's fearful and that they should postpone the hangings, Danforth doesn 't fully take in what he 's trying to tell him and argues, “I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law,”(1158). Danforth explains the consequences of nonconformity while Parris is fearful of the other consequences that will arise if they hang this sort. The root cause of hysteria in Salem is after the girls went into the forests and two of them got sick which prompted many questions by the affected families because they were fearful of the unknown. When the families gathered Mrs. Putnam asked the most questions one was, “but who else may surely tell us what person murdered my babies? (1095) Even from the beginning one sees people responding to the fear of the unknown caused by unconformity. This question arises after Mrs. Putnam admits that she sent her daughter to Tituba. Showing that Mrs. Putnam is a nonconformists and contributes to the awakening
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