What's Wrong With Gay Marriage Analysis

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What's Wrong With Gay Marriage? by Katha Politt Is an essay written to help people understand that there isn't anything wrong with gay marriage. In her essay, she talks about the different reasons of why people get married. Some of the reasons are to show that people sometimes don't even get married out of love but out of the benefits that a marriage may bring to people. She tries to explain how people who are gay, want to marry out of love and be accepted. They want to be allowed to do so but are judged all the time about it just because they are gay. Katha discusses about the unfair treatment gay people who want to marry receive just because they aren't the traditional men and women couple getting married. I have to completely agree with the reasons and explanations Katha is giving in her essay because it's truly unfair how many people who want to marry out of love, can't. Katha explains about how many women and men get married because of the benefits of what a marriage can bring. Some of those benefits include medical care, money, partner benefits and much more economical benefits. That's not love, marriage should be about love, it should be about being with somebody because you love them and not want to use the benefits they can bring to you just so you can be…show more content…
What's interesting is that gay marriages probably last longer than marriages that have to do with a straight man and woman together. Gay marriage probably has the most accepting parents full of love and no hate when it comes to raising children as well. I'm not saying screw a marriage between a man and a woman, anybody who gets married out of love is admiring, and amazing. However, gay people deserve to also express their love, and commitment the same way a woman and man are able to. We are in a place where it's now more accepting, but people still judge the love between people who want to be committed and share their love to one
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