Whatsapp Vs Wechat Case Study

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WhatsApp vs WeChat
(Reasons why WeChat is more successful in China than WhatsApp)
In China WeChat application is called as the "Chinese WhatsApp". WeChat is a platform for instant messaging, Social Networking and Social media all in one application.
As I said earlier WeChat is not just another app for instant messaging but it is much more and it truly is one app which can compete with WhatsApp.
Well this article is a comparison of WhatsApp with WeChat but it'll revolve around China mostly. And there are some features of WeChat which make it more successful in China and those features might not work in other countries. I'm focusing on China because China has a great number of WeChat users which increased by 79% over the last year. A lot number
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Once you install WhatsApp on your device it automatically accesses your contacts and tells you the people in your contacts who are using WhatsApp. The main idea behind Kik using user names instead of cellular number is to ensure users privacy. WhatsApp users can also connect with international numbers no matter what continent and which country if you have the cellular number of a person in your contact list you can connect with that person the only thing that is compulsory is that both of you must have WhatsApp installed on your devices and an internet…show more content…
They have revolutionised communication across boundaries, both national and personal. Pakistan has around 30 million internet users and over 120 million cellular service subscribers, which has resulted in a growth of social networking websites and application. Pakistan now stands at over 10 million Facebook users and the biggest segment using the social media platform is the rising youth population of Pakistan. By this trend, Warid network has published an offer to ease their prepaid users with unlimited access Facebook and WhatsApp at cheap and affordable rate i.e Rs. 0.99/day.

Facebook and whatsapp can be used in any phone depending on the handset model and the best part of these applications is that there is no need to download any third party applications and is as easy as sending an SMS to the contact list.

From smart phones to simplest phone every phone has access to Facebook and whatsapp at a very cheap rate. Everyone mostly teenagers are the users.
Life without whatsapp now seems impossible. Uploading status, sharing videos and pictures is a part of the new
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