Wheel And Axle Research Paper

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Humans have invented several tools that have proved helpful throughout history. But as we look back, we wonder, “What is the most important invention in human history?” There are many answers, but I undoubtedly believe that the wheel and axle is the most important invention in human history. The wheel and axle is one of the six simple machines, devices that change the direction or magnitude of a force. The wheel and axle consists of a wheel connected to a rod, so that when the rod rotates, the wheel also rotates and vice versa. When moving an object across a floor, we need to use a large amount of force because of friction. Friction is the force resisting the motion. Because a wheel turns instead of slides, the friction acting upon the wheel is less than if we tried to slide the object. Because there is less friction, there is less force needed to move an object the same distance.…show more content…
Yes, it does save us the time of researching things, and yes, it does have incredible cat videos, but the internet could not have been made without the computer. And the computer could not have been invented without inventing the gear first. And the gear originates from the wheel. So the wheel is the origin of the internet. Several other adequately intelligent people will argue that several other incredible inventions are the best, but many of them could not have been created without at least one of the six simple
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