Voice Controlled Wheelchair Project Report

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Voice Controlled Wheelchair With Home Appliances Control For Physically Handicapped People

Munje Limbabai, Patil Arundhati and Patil Nilima Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, BVCOEW ,SPPU ,Pune.

Abstract -The system is designed to control a wheelchair using the voice of consumer. The objective of this project is to facilitate the movement of people who are disabled or handicapped and elderly people who are not able to move well. The result of this design will allow certain people to live a life with less dependence on others. Speech recognition technology is a key which may provide a new way of human interaction with machines or tools. Thus the problem that they are faced can be solved by using speech recognition
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Fig.1- Block diagram for wheelchair control

Figure 1 schematically shows the main components of the wheelchair system. The implementation of our project was done using the following major components: 1.ATMEGA16 microcontroller to control the speed and direction of the wheelchair.. 2. DC motors to drive the wheels of the chair. 3. Batteries to supply the desired power to the motors. 4. A microphone serving as an input device for speech commands.

The microcontroller acts as a master i.e. controls all the activities of our system. It generates correct signals by analyzing the data being fed to it to move the wheelchair in a specific direction.

A practical speech recognition System can be constructed using Speech Recognition IC HM2007. The HM2007 is a 48 pin IC which provides speech recognition function. It works in two modes: Manual mode or CPU mode. In both modes, the IC is first trained to recognize words by the user saying each word for corresponding number pressed on the key. The IC stores each word signal in the memory location corresponding to the word. The data output from the IC is interfaced to the Microcontroller from where it is displayed on the
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This system makes use of two Microcontrollers, one at wheel chair and other installed in the house. The system with wheel chair has a speech recognition module, RF transmitter and DC motors interfaced to it. The Microcontroller gets the voice based input and judges it whether the command is to control wheel chair or electrical devices. If the command is to control wheel chair, it acts accordingly on the DC motors interfaced to it. If the command is for controlling electrical devices, it sends the data using RF transmitter interfaced to it. This data is received by RF receiver interfaced to the system installed in the house and this data is processed by the controller and acts accordingly on switch Relay interfaced to the controller to which electrical device is attached. The Micro controller is programmed using Embedded C

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