Wheeler Clinic Reflection

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D-This writer placed the patient on hold to address her poor attendance at CRT IOP. According to the patient, she had stopped going due to an individual at the IOP by the name of "Tammy." The patient says, " We use to get high together and everytime I see her, she always talk about getting high......I can't deal with that........but, I am exploring Wheeler Clinic and I'mma do a walk in on Monday....I call them too." This writer informed the patient as to why she did not share this information about her experience at CRT during the last session because it was this writer understanding that the patient was going and the patient response was, " I know....I'm sorry...I had a lot going on." This writer then discussed about her issue enrolling her grandson in daycare.…show more content…
While the grandson was attending the daycare, the patient realize the center was not a good daycare center and removed him. The patient tried to re enrolled her grandson to the daycare center on Martin Street, but the center is currently not accepting any application and the child will be placed on the wait list. However, the patient is now exploring CRT daycare center and will be visiting the site today to see if there's opening as the child has not been in daycare setting for nearly two

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