When Are Mass Shootings Considered Terrorism

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Mass shootings are a serious problem and the U.S. has the most of them every year. People are scared, some so scared that they won’t hardly leave their house. There is all kinds of different things that can lessen the mass shootings. When are mass shootings looked at as terrorism? There is a lot of things to take in to account and look at and some are pretty shocking. It’s been said by many people that guns need controlled restricted and even banned. Restricting who gets their hands on guns is a good thing, but it has shown that countries with more restrictive gun licensing laws show fewer deaths by firearms and a lower gun ownership rate. A lab was done and showed that for every 100 people there is about 88 guns. Stated in the same article on the Huffington post it was said that “similar results have been found by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, which states that countries with higher levels of firearm ownership also have higher firearm homicide rates.” (Huffington post 2015). There is no reason to completely take away guns from people, criminals will still find a way.…show more content…
There is a lot of stuff constantly going on around the U.S. Mass shootings should not be taken lightly, the shooters generally take more than one innocent life in these situations. Most people ask the question how is that not terrorism? The answer to that is of course it is terrorism how could it not be. Stated “Under federal law, the term "terrorism" refers to any violent or dangerous crimes that "appear to be intended" (CNN 2015) and of course mass shootings are intended. Terrorist come in all shapes colors and sizes, "Terrorism" is determined by the nature of the crime, not the nature of the criminal.” (CNN
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