When Calls The Heart Character Analysis

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Daryl Shuttleworth can best be described as a magnificent character actor who, regardless of the size of his role, always immerses himself fully into his work. He has a great respect for the art of acting, and his experience includes everything from stage, to screen, and then some. On the Hallmark network, he has been featured in recent years in both When Calls the Heart and Cedar Cove, but if you examine his list of credits, you might be surprised at how many times you may have seen him without being cognizant of that fact. Recently, I had an opportunity to discuss with Daryl his various Hallmark roles, including his upcoming Hallmark film, “All Things Valentine.”


What inspired you to become an actor?

When I was in fifth grade, my elementary teacher, Al Pichler, (who was in his
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With “When Calls the Heart,” you’ve got to understand that this show is not historically accurate. It is not supposed to be. I have read many comments where some people criticize the show for that fact. As Westerns and other such shows, it is told like a kind of fable. In fact, the show is supposed to be like a postcard so that the viewers can escape from reality. There is enough negativity in this world, and it is a delight to get away from all that for awhile, and that is what this show attempts to do.

What was it like playing someone on the surface that is suppose to be on the side of the law but in reality is the total opposite?

When I was first asked to play (Mountie) James Houston, Neill Fearnley (the director) told me that he wasn’t sure if Houston would turn out to be bad (because it wasn’t written yet), but he figured that eventually my character would be bad. But, of course, as an actor, I couldn’t play him that way. It is not my job as an actor to judge the character. I have to play him with no judgment. In Houston’s mind, he isn’t
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