Feminism In Joan Morgan's When Chickenheads Come Home

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When Chicken Heads Come Home To Roost
Traditionally, women have been made to endure many problems and barriers that hinder their success. Women did not enjoy any rights in traditional society. A woman was neglected, isolated, and abused. Gender discrimination was common and women had their roles significantly reduced. Feminism has resulted in many changes in the society. Women can enjoy greater freedoms and greater rights compared to the traditional society that was characterized by discrimination and abuse. Feminism represents women fighting oppression and effecting various changes on their lives. Through feminism the social status of women has improved. When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost is a book written by Joan Morgan. In the book, she explores various issues facing African-American women in the society. A deeper analysis of the book reveals the important role played by feminism. Morgan uses her life experiences to explore the problems that face women. The paper analyzes the effects of feminism based on Joan Morgan’s When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost.
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Before feminism, women were not independent and had their roles significantly reduced (Pollis 89). Feminism has resulted in women advocating for their freedom and rights. Women can hold high offices as well as have space for personal development. Feminists have created awareness in the society and this has resulted in women becoming more independent. In When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost, Morgan evaluates how women lack freedom in a society that does not give women their deserved freedom (Morgan 156). Morgan’s analysis is founded on the life of a black woman who lives in a complex world where her freedom is constrained. Feminist women have to have informal affairs so as to ensure that their freedom is not violated. Evidently, feminism has resulted in women realizing their freedom by bleaching the traditional
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