When Chickenheads Come Home To Roast Analysis

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When Chickenheads Come Home to Roast: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks It Down examines feminism in the black community based on the author and journalist Joan Morgan’s experiences and perceptions of sexism and racism of black women. The author talks about the stereotyped labeling and fear of being called a feminist. Several questions are raised such as: what is a strong black woman, why black men are endangered and what are the effects of hip-hop music lyrics on black women? Feminism is challenged in regard to male reproductive rights and equality. The unfamiliar dialogue is opened between professional women and the “chickenhead” concerning their relationship with black men. The illustrative thoughts, poems, figurative letters and autobiographical…show more content…
Morgan compares the historical account of black women in the antebellum south who were considered oversexed mistresses and whores to white slave masters. She exposes the brutality of black women, as they were considered strong for to taking it. This unrealistic myth of a strong black woman continues today while ignoring the fact they are not exempt from pain, they learn to adapt for survival. According to Morgan, black women are just as endangered as black men with illness, drugs and death. In the section of endangered black men, Morgan is unsympathetic of the black woman’s attitude toward black men and believes they are no difference than a white racist by not seeing the black men’s beauty and worth. Furthermore, Joan theorizes black women in the hip-hop generation feel this way about black men because of their lack of a positive relationship with their father. The author uses her personal experience as an example of the poor relationship with her father and how she learned to accept him for who he was. Morgan concludes, black women have a hard time dealing with black men because they attract whom they reflect inside. Also, the mother’s feeling about men sends a dangerous message to her son raising him to be dependent on women and developing a sexist
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