When Did Bernie Sanders Become President

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Bernie Sanders is the most straightforward, false promising, and too good to be true socialist I have ever seen. If Bernie Sanders becomes the president, America would rise and fall at the same time. The people would believe in all the good promises that may not even be kept. His promises will do good for the people, but will do horrible for the economy. When Bernie Sanders first becomes president, things will begin to go downhill for him. If Bernie Sanders can keep his proposals, he will be a good president, but if he doesn’t, he will be hated. One question that is wanted answered is “Will he keep his words?” Sanders also plans to promote a medicare for all people. He says his plan would save 600 trillion dollars over ten years and it would save families $5000 dollars each year. On the other hand, it would cost the government ~1.5 trillion…show more content…
Sanders also wanted to spike the minimum wage to be $15 in 2020. That might seem good, but it is actually not, a minimum wage of $15 would mean an increase in unemployment because most companies don’t have enough money to support that many workers and it would also mean an increase in everyday items. Most of Sander’s decisions have a great impact across the world and the economy and most of it isn’t going to be approved by the Congress, especially the republicans. The government doesn’t want to waste that much money on the people. Bernie Sanders being the president might mean a lot, but his chances of winning are very slim. Most of his supporters are from younger people. This is a problem for him because younger people tend to be lazy and won’t vote and they aren’t very involved with politics. On the other hand, most of the voters are middle aged and elderly which he isn’t receiving a handful of. If Sanders becomes president, he has to keep his words on all of his plans and reforms or he will spark fire across the
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