When Did The Us Win Germany's Defeat?

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U.S. stayed neutral = Germany defeat? The U.S. only entered World War II 4 years before the War ended. During World War II, the three greatest enemies were Germany, Italy and Japan. Before U.S. joined the war, the Congress passed many act that helps and supported the Allies in Europe in defeating Germany without being personally involved and declaring war on Germany. Henceforth, Germany would have been defeated, even if the U.S. stayed neutral during World War II because while staying neutral the Congress passed the Neutrality Act of 1939, the Lend-Lease Act and signed the Atlantic Charter with Great Britain. People believed that Germany would have never been defeated if U.S. have not join the war because many U.S. troops were involved in many battles against Germany. These people oversee the facts that although many Americans were involved even without them the Allies would have overpowered the Germans forces like during the Normandy Landing or commonly known as “D-Day”, there were about…show more content…
stayed neutral during World War II. Due to the Fact that most of America’s contribution to the war was all during their isolationism and neutrality, they helped by passing the Neutrality Act of 1939 which impacted the war greatly because it gave the Allies in Europe a huge benefits because Great Britain controlled most of the sea going from U.S. to Great Britain which made transportation very convenient, then later America also passed the Lend-Lease Act which lend military equipment such as planes, jeep, weapons and many more to countries like Great Britain, Soviet Union, China and many more. Lastly, the Atlantic Charter also stimulate the morale of the citizens and soldiers in Great Britain which gave them an even greater will to win the war. Even without America physically being involved in the war, America provided support that can certainly help Great Britain defeat the Nazis in
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