When Earth Is Cruel Analysis

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Theme of Earth is Sometimes Cruel. Sometimes earth is cruel, meaning some disasters happen and places go down back to the beginning to building their lives and environments. There has been many terrible things happen to earth that have destroyed towns, cities even countries. One big one would be what had happened to the Haitian people and their country. In the end, people, families, are sleeping out side, starving and even injured that can 't get help and are dieing because of these tragic disasters. After reading an article by journalist, Leonard Pitts, I learned a lesson and got a message from reading about how it affect different people. A theme I gather from this article is how people can feel sorry for what happened but not really do anything to help, also that when big disasters happen to a poor country, that 's when people start to realize how bad of shape that place had already been in before.…show more content…
Haiti had already been so poor with history or political instability and colonialism, that this disaster hurt them real bad in trying to help each other and keep their city going each and everyday. Within this article, Pitt uses similes and metaphors to compare nature and humans. He even says, “Sometimes, though, you have to wonder if the planet itself is not conspiring against this humble little nation.” He goes to question is the world or the nature of everything is happening cause the universe wants to get back at the nations for being so cruel? Or is it that it 's trying to help little nations, like Haiti itself, noticed by bigger powers because they have something to offer but need help staying on their
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