When Esther Went Wrong With My Mother

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While in the hospital, Esther receives a visitor. This visitor was an old college friend named Joan. Joan and Esther talk about what happened with both of them. Esther finds out that her mother reported her and a pill bottle missing. She also hears about how torn her mother was throughout that time from the news reports. Esther does not feel sympathy for anything though, and later admits that she hates her mother. While this may seem selfish, I do understand Esther’s way of thinking. I have also had problems with my mother throughout my life. These problems are not caused by a simple fight, but they are caused from years of abuse. Esther endured emotional abuse from her mother, and so did I. Esther has talked about never receiving the support or the love that she needed from her mother. Her mother puts her down for her dreams and ideas for the future.…show more content…
I also believe that Esther admitting that she does have hatred for her mother is a way of healing. It is now apparent that she is dealing with her problems on a daily basis, rather than thinking about suicide every time one comes up. While she may be putting everyone around her down, this is a form of coping. There are many sides to depression, and one of them is pure hatred for the world. This hatred that Esther is feeling is finally coming out, and that is helping her move forward in life. She does not have a ton of anger built up anymore because she has found a way to release it. Esther says, "I 'm not angry anymore. Before I was angry all the time.". This releasing of anger is helping her develop into a mentally healthy young woman. Although it is helping now, I do not believe it should continue for very long. It is a big stress reliever for the time being, but soon it could cause very large
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