When Everything Burns Poem

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“When Everything Burns” The smell of burning plastic and wood fills the air I fight back the tears, I tell myself that I should’t care. There’s a screaming panic within and uncontrollable fears. As I watch my memories slowly melting away, I’m left on the sidelines to simply watch things crumble. Things can be replaced, but memories cannot. All I feel is dismay- I should be happy I’m not dead! -but all I have is of my angry mumble. I am safe. But am I? I’m exposed! Everything is burning up and away into the air. Unreachable. I feel like the door on my life just closed. My lungs burn. I can’t breath in the toxicity any longer it fills my soul with an impeachable REALIZATION! Things can be replaced but memories cannot, How often can you remember…show more content…
I feel like the universe is staging a coup. Nothing will be were it should be. Everything will be misplaced. Even me. Funny- the only thing left is me. There’s only a giant black glob and it is dark as space. Thinking back to my previous things and their places- Photo books with dear dead relatives, I’m already forgetting their faces. How I’d give anything for their negatives. The fire deceased. Left only, a smolder. I begin to search for anything left. What will I have to give my children when I’m older? Will I tell them that I was victim to life in an unfair theft? Circumstance took from me what money can’t buy. Sorry kids there is nothing to pass down. The weather laughs in my face with its blue sky, it says to me, “Just DIE!” “We the universe have erased what was left of you in this town!” My heart and head feel so foggy. The memories are fading fast. My thoughts and being feel so groggy. How much longer will this pain last? Goodbye home for I will simply build another, but memories I beg you please stay vivid. I’m restarting at the beginning a new home is my surrogate mother. Memories if you leave I’ll simply be livid. Memories are all I have left and nothing can replace
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