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In the articles “When Fans Go Wild” and “News: Bieber Fever Hits Liverpool” by Jennifer Dignan It talks about how millions of girls cause chaos in the streets because a certain band is in town, or even in the country. In the article “When Fans Go Wild” by Jennifer Dignan It describes how girls across the U.S set the united states into beatlemania. “ The Beatles required police protection everywhere they went in the U.S. At shows, the screaming was often so loud that it was impossible to hear the music. After a show in San Francisco, fans surrounded the Beatles’ limousine, forcing the band to leave by ambulance. In New Orleans, fans snuck into a concert by climbing trees around the stadium. In Seattle, several fans tried to swim two miles across Elliot Bay to reach the hotel where the Beatles were…show more content…
Girls began pouring into the street outside his hotel at about 3p.m.,after school let out. At least 50 officers were brought in to control the crowd. Some girls pushed and shoved each other as they tried to catch a glimpse or take a picture of their idol. At least two were hospitalized after fainting from excitement. “This is crazy,” Bieber tweeted,looking out his hotel room window. “There are like thousands of people out there, love everybody but gonna try and get some sleep, please don’t scream, lol.” Bieber has had crowd control issues before. An April 2010 show in Australia was canceled when several girls were injured in a crowd crush. In November 2009, a performance at a mall in New York was canceled after the crowd became unruly” (Dignan 13). This shows that Bieber caused girls across to fall in love in the Bieber and claim that he might have been the next Beatles, or even better. In conclusion, both Justin Bieber and the Beatles both where the dream boys of teen girls across the world and both but these girls it to a love driven crase, whether it was “Bieber Fever” or

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